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KYIV. It's time to visit!

The capital of Ukraine is the greenest capital in Europe and past years it has been one of the world’s cheapest tourist destinations. Easily you could think that Kyiv cannot be cheaper than, for example, Accra (Ghana) or Punta Cana (Dominican Rep.), but it is. More about Top 100 cheapest and expensive destinations on Daily Mail article.

Mass tourism is one of the biggest price growth factors in the hotel and other rates in general. Mass tourism has not found it yet, so this might be your time to visit Kyiv! There are plenty of reasons to see that the Ukrainian tourism is finally making progress.

Hotel occupancy rates are on the rise and are already above 50% (Ukraine Business Magazine), and a good selection of different types of hotels, from modest to luxury ones. Accommodations in private apartments are widely offered. On Trevento.com you can compare more than 200 apartments. See our listing for Apartments in Kyiv, click here.

Trevento Kyiv Published on Daily Mail. (c) Shuttestock MaxWebb

Kyiv nightlife and restaurant sector offer a wide selection of local and international cuisines, not to forget the major global restaurant chains. Kyiv is vibrant capital but the positive thing is that you may still eat and drink with style with a cost of a fraction compared to other similar cities and capitals. Kyiv is full of flavors, music, and culture. In the main areas and restaurants, you can easily manage with the English language.

Some of the restaurants to mention:

Trevento Kyiv Ukraine

Even though many official ministries in Europe consider Kyiv as not safe, which is rather confusing. Based on all information (Trevento’s local travel, travel-related and business contacts; locals, expats, and official) Kyiv can be considered to be a safe city to visit! Apparently some ministries jus have forgotten to update their facts for their documents.

Yet, Kyiv is really safe for tourists when your behavior is normal so to speak, use common sense. Good advice in general for the traveler, where ever you are traveling, is always ask from yourself “Would I do this at my home?”

Helpful information from Official city tourism info site, click here…

!!!Ukraine has braced for a TOURISM BOOM thanks to the global phenomenon of “Chernobyl” TV series by the HBO Channel!!!

Find all tours to authentic Chernobyl from [here]

Cableway across the Dnepro river

Trevento Kyiv. Photo by Business Ukraine magazine
Photo by Business Ukraine magazine

The Dnepro River divides Kyiv into two banks. Based on the latest article from Business Ukraine Magazine, an ambitious plan is to increase the connection between these banks with a cableway. Additional plans to develop the transport infrastructure and enhance the city’s tourism appeal. There are trends and efforts in Kyiv to boost tourism!

Kyiv is one of the Trevento’s featured Romantic cities, don’t skip this wonderful city! Please see Trevento’s featured hotels in Kyiv, and flights on Trevento, click here…

There is a lot to do in Kyiv!

Kyiv Olympic Stadium

Ukrainian football league and International top football matches, helicopter rides, tank test-driving, Dnepro river sailing, tailored 2-day adventures. Or could it be a bit more modest?:)

Craft beer tour, city-hopping, aviation museum, attractions…so much! See our full selection of how to do your visit in Kyiv so much more interesting, click here for Things to Do in Kyiv.

Boryspil airport welcoming more than 10 million passengers

Borysbil airport is handling 67% of all air traffic in Ukraine. Boryspil connects Asia, Europe, and America. Major airlines and cities have direct flight connections to Kyiv, and with its 2 runways, it welcomes more than 10 million passengers annually.

Good facilities, services, and worldwide connections are essential, not only for the airport’s development but for the city of Kyiv as well.

For example from London there is more than 20 weekly departures to Kyiv. Flights from London to Kyiv you may explore below.

In the year 2018 Kyiv’s main airport Boryspil (KBP) was number 1 in the world in passenger growth of 19,4% in the group or airports welcoming 10-25 million passengers. Could you be the next one?

Visit Kyiv and you will fall in love with it!

Interesting facts:

  • Founded in 428, which is more than 1500 years. Kyiv was founded by 3 brothers – Kyi, Schek and Horyv and their sister Lybid.
  • The name was given to the city in honor of its elder brother Kyi.
  • Population 2.8 million and current city Mayor, Vitali Klitschko. Former heavyweight world champion in boxing.
  • Monument-sculpture of the “Motherland” height is 102m, and it is higher than the New York Statue of Liberty.
  • An unofficial symbol of the city is a chestnut.
  • Large expat community, mainly British and Germans.
  • The best time to visit Kyiv is from May to September.


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