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15 Reasons to book a private airport transfer

Any kind of transportation from the airport to your destination is one of the key elements to execute your trip successfully! Have you ever thought about this?

TOP 15 reasons to book

  1. Easy and simple to book, it takes only 5 minutes
  2. The driver is waiting for you
  3. No waiting times
  4. More safe and secure transfer when arriving in late evenings
  5. Known drivers and companies
  6. Reliable and comfortable transfer with professional drivers
  7. Known and paid price in advance, you know what you pay
  8. On average much faster than using public transportations
  9. Transfer from the airport to your hotel door
  10. For families the easiest and most comfortable way from the airport to destination
  11. Custom requests in advance, e.g. families can order a child’s seat in advance
  12. Travelers with bulky luggage may inform a driver in advance
  13. A large variety of car classes, 4 seated economy up to minibusses for groups and corporative travelers
  14. You may use the reliable driver at any time during your journey
  15. Feel privileged and valued when the driver is waiting for you at the airport

The smartest way to travel is to make sure that the chain of Journey is not broken!

By this, we mean that you have all tree mandatory travel elements booked in advance; flight, transportation from the airport to your hotel’s doorstep.

As you see, in advance ordered private transfer brings many benefits. It is easy to book, paid in advance in your own local currency and hassle-free airport arrivals, especially when arriving the first time to a new international airport for you to experience.

Furthermore, private airport transfers are faster, more secure and comfortable transfers compared to many other forms of transportation.

When you arrive to a new airport where you haven’t visited earlier, you may wonder where to get a taxi at the airport, is it secure and how much is it going to cost? Pre-booked and paid airport private taxi is a real helping hand to family travelers with kids, businessmen, solo travelers and travelers with bulky luggage.

See how the actual booking is working on our partner Book your private transfer.

Simple 4-step guide how to it works

The driver knows your flight number, when you arrive, and is waiting for you with a name sign. The same applies to transfers from train stations and hotels, the driver will be waiting for you at the specified place, holding a sign with your name on it.

  1. Choose your airport and route
  2. Book and pay in advance
  3. Meet your driver at the airport
  4. Travel with comfort to your destination

During the booking process, you will choose a car class suitable for you (13 car classes). You can make custom requests, e.g. about bulky baggage or animals. If an English-speaking driver is needed, a child’s seat is needed and etc. The more information you provide, the more suitable transfer is it possible to arrange for you – if something in your request is unclear, we will get in touch with you for more information.

It is very simple for a customer. After the booking, you will receive a confirmation email. Also, the driver’s contact number will be delivered to you in an additional email. Contact number helps you to agree, if needed, to some additional information about the trip, or you can inform him if you know that your flight is delayed or canceled.

The booking should be made a minimum of 16-24 hours before. Different car classes in different countries have their own minimum times for booking.

The private transfer gives value for your travel

The pre-booked and paid transfer gives value for round trips and your travel in every scale even from different types of bases and needs.

Families with children want to make a transfer from the airport to the hotel as easy and as fast as possible! On-time, reliable and paid in advance are the value factors for businessmen- Safe and secure services are factors for a solo traveler, and some others may even evaluate this type of service based on the privileged and luxury feeling when there is a driver waiting!

There are no reasons NOT to make things easier and travel smarter!


However, it does not matter which type of traveler you are, in advance booked transfers are useful and valuable for all kinds of travelers. See it yourself how it works…Book Your Airport private transfers.

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