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Top 3 Travel Trends 2019

1. Activity and Adventure Trips

Different kind of activities and adventurous trips and holiday has been getting more and more popular, year after year. The year 2019, and following years will be the years of amazing adventures!

Globally to find some things to do and/or activities, the world has become much smaller than it used to be. Years ago, you couldn’t find things to do online, or if you did find something nice to plan and do -you couldn’t book it online.

Pre-planning and booking your activities, or even just an attraction or museum to see is already a part of the whole travel experience. Today’s world, people intend to seek more memories and experiences from their holidays, rather than bring some materialistic things back home.

Trevento’s one key vision is to bring more travel elements together, to make travel planning, booking, and executing the trip easier than before.

Please see Trevento’s Activity Partner’s offers, availability for things to do:
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  • Ronda Grand Tour
  • Ronda Ecological
  • Ronda Tutorial Tour
  • Àlora Wine Tour
  • Wine Tasting - city
  • Wine & Tapas Tasting - city

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