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Short 4-day break at Berlin. Part 2

Continuing from Berlin Part 1

Introduction from part 1:
It was time to lean back and relax for a two-week Christmas holiday, December 2019. My wife and I were wondering where to go for a few days to get out of our daily routines since it was a holiday season.

A little more money from beer and food than what would be reasonable or needed

The Hofhbräu Berlin restaurant represents traditional places where tourists will visit. Of course, we did not differ as any other tourist at this time.

The restaurant has a very pleasant interior design and a product line as all travel blogs and books tell you how the German beer restaurant should look like.

Pleasant place in itself, but unfortunately there is a feeling of being destined for the basic tourists, where the main purpose is to get a little more money from beer and food than what would be reasonable or needed.

But hey, it’s up to you if you like to visit this place, or even spend the whole evening here. As you see, nevertheles I visited it but didn’t spend the whole night there.

Christmas market

Christmas markets are popular everywhere, and Berlin Christmas Markets by Visit Berlin (several of them) makes no exception.

The first experience was that this is really great. Sure it has the atmosphere for the first 15 minutes, but unfortunately, these Christmas Markets are too commercial for me – like any other modern Christmas Market and Christmas in general.

I don’t know why I’m writing this, but maybe my thoughts are at Christmas, which wouldn’t be so commercial. Could it be even possible to move to the countryside and throw all the digital equipment into the forest?

That would be awesome, but not very practical in today’s Western society. In any case, the Berlin Christmas Market is a worthy place to visit for all.

As mentioned, we had Welcome Berlin Cards. We used the Welcome Berlin Cards for sightseeing and for the DDR Museum Berlin. The card is very useful for those who plan to visit more than one attraction and for those who use public transportation to move around Berlin.


The food, drinks, and rates

Berlin has a diverse food and drink culture. It is much more than currywurst, döner kebab or schnitzel.

Thus we were not looking for fine dining solutions but honest, a bit rustic German food as described above. Sure, there were some finer tastes in between also.

Trad. schnitzel
Rustic pike-perch
Döner kebab

The price rates for travelers in Berlin are quite moderate when staying away from the main tourist destinations and traps. Berlin is by far one of the cheapest capital cities in Western Europe, so it’s a great place for budget-minded travelers and families like us, for a short 4-day city-breaks with great deals.

It is desirable to be prepared in advance and to learn about possible new food and drink experiences which you would like to experience in your destination.

Searching for information in advance pays off well!

There’s so much information to get from the internet and I think surfing the internet for a few hours and searching for information in advance pays off well! Also searching and planning the trip, is like being in the trip already!

Thumbs up for Berlin

Yes, we recommend Berlin to everyone and we will come back here for sure! Next time we will be at a different time of year. Even the weather conditions were satisfied considering the time of the year, next time we will arrive during the summer.

During the summer the options for things to do are certainly wider and you don’t have to plan as much for your children’s clothing.

Thank you, and goodbye from Berlin. See you next time!

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Written by

Iikka Siren, Finland


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