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Short 4-day break at Berlin. Part 1

It was time to lean back and relax for a two-week Christmas holiday, December 2019. My wife and I were wondering where to go for a few days to get out of our daily routines since it was a holiday season.

We have had enough experience from the Nordic countries and a long flight to some Caribbean islands was not an option at this time. At the end from all the choices, we selected Berlin. Good and reasonably priced connections from the airport of Helsinki, the capital of Finland.

We did not see Santa’s reindeers flying

At Christmas season, it is said that Santa’s reindeers are flying, but unfortunately, we didn’t see them. From Helsinki to Berlin we flew on Finnair and the flight went well, though there was some turbulence on the way.

However, they are unavoidable, and we cannot influence them as passengers. Turbulences we just have to accept as a part of the flight. The flight time from Helsinki is about 2 hours, so it is also well suitable for families with young children.

From the airport to the hotel we arrived by the airport bus. We had the four-day Berlin Welcome passports which entitles you to travel on public buses as much as you want. Berlin Welcome Cards you may buy from the Berlin Tegel airport or online in advance from here.

We had to see local ice-hockey match

Tickets also entitle you to discounts on museums, attractions and sightseeing tours. In addition to these, as passionate hockey fans, we (read, personally me) had to see the local ice-hockey match.

We went to the Mercedez Benz Arena, where the Eisbären Berlin team was playing enjoyable hockey. A great arena and a great culture of fan support for the team!

Well, as a lifetime fan of ice-hockey team Ilves… there cannot be better support for the team like Ilves has, of course:) But in general, I was really impressed by how good the atmosphere there was and I can really say that there is a real ice-hockey culture in Germany!


The hotel, Big Mama

Photo by Hotel Big Mama Berlin

Our hotel in Berlin was Hotel Big Mama Berlin, in the Berlin-Mitte area. The area is an exciting district with all kinds of possibilities such as shopping, dining, sightseeing and a vibrant nightlife. The hotel is within easy reach, and only 5 minutes walk to a metro station. Big Mama Hotel is relatively small and very cozy – certainly not the cold standard of a large hotel chain!

In the hotel’s restaurant, the tasty Moist Sausage appetizer served with a beer was very…very tasty and the dad’s well deserved beer also.

The chef told them their technique of making the sausage at a maximum temperature of 80 °C so that the sausage retains its juiciness and does not become too dry. This technique I will try at home!

Staff is professional and very pleasant! The restaurant services for families with children are good. Breakfast was a good package, though not as plentiful as in Finland.


In Finland breakfasts served in hotels are too rich and too excessive

However, as knowing something about the industry, I have to say that in Finland breakfasts served in hotels are too rich and too excessive. Of course, many people may agree and disagree with this.

Big Mama Hotel is a loft-style hotel for all kind of travelers. Our apartment was as big as a 40m2 Business suite. This trip did not have a lack of room space even though we spent relatively little time in our room.

But after all, this was a family trip and enough room space and quality accommodation should be invested. A dissatisfied and angry travel companion is not a good thing.

Eastside Gallery

The Eastside Gallery Berlin is reminiscent of Berlin’s partly cruel history.

The East Side Gallery is an open-air gallery in Berlin. 1.3 km wall section of the Berlin Wall, left to resemble the post-World War II division of East and West Berlin.

Nowadays, it is incredible how in the past it has been possible to divide, isolate people and nations from one another and try to shoot on those who wanted to go to another side!

A touching visit that makes me think

A touching visit that makes me think and appreciate the present times. Sure, there is much room for improvements in the modern world, but it is certainly not as bad as it once was.

end of Berlin Part 1,
continue reading Berlin Part 2 here…

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Iikka Siren, Finland


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