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Luxury travel going greener and purpose relevant

The travel trends for the year 2020 are less materialistic, distinctly green-minded, sustainable, and alternative ways to enjoy in large scale.


  1. Going green
  2. A purpose to travel
  3. Off-season surprises
  4. Personalization
  5. Taste and food traveling
  6. Learning from locals
  7. Solo travel
  8. Ancestry trips
  9. Alternative destinations
  10. Skill-learning trips

What is luxury travel and what does it mean to you?

Luxury does not necessarily mean luxury in itself or expensive. Is it an all-inclusive resort, a luxury hotel or something else? Today’s traveling luxury can mean values, it’s up to you how luxury is defined.

a girl with a feeling of a freedom

By and large, the year 2020 will bring more green values to tourism in general. Traveling today should have a meaning and a purpose, not just to travel for leisure and fun!

Increasingly, travelers are also choosing different and alternative ways to travel such as bus and train transfers and connections. Alternative destinations instead of traditional overcrowded tourist destinations where you can learn about new cultures, learn skills and local ways to do things like preparing food, art, and so on.

At Trevento, we encourage and inspire people to travel smarter, wiser and easier to get more from the holidays. Explore yourself, the environment, and the new cultures. How wonderful is the earth created for us? We say, the best!

Thank you world!

Sushi preparingOne of the most important trends in 2020 will be a skill-learning traveling. These are a kind of workshops while you stay at your destination, which by no means involves any kind of a labor camp:)

During your travel, you can book time for winemaking skills, sushi preparing or photography, etc. There are no limitations on what kind of skill-learning you can do while traveling. The importance of the purpose and the values of traveling is growing year by year.

The personalization of trips and the desire to create something of your own, not just ready-made and all-inclusive tours. Personal experiences and exploring give people so much more than any materialistic souvenirs!

Finding out your own family tree and who we are has become increasingly popular in recent years, for example throughout various DNA test services. So-called ancestry traveling has made it possible to find new destinations. What’s more comfortable and educational than traveling and exploring the history of your own family?

You will find traveling in a whole new way!

Not all of the above can be easily combined in one trip, but when you redefine yourself and modify the idea of what kind of traveler you are, you will find traveling in a whole new way!

Next time when you experience a new unforgettable feeling on your travel -you must shout “Thank you world”.

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