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Terms of use


1.0 Trevento.com is a hotel and flight search portal and offers users information about different types of travel related options, such as hotels, holiday homes, flights, things to do and activitie, regions and services associated with travel etc. We also provide reviews from our users, third party reviews and articles.

1.1 On the Trevento.com website, you have the ability to compare third party services via our search portals and links. All the search results which we are provided are purely offered by third parties, therefore please read on each parties Terms of use and other policies while booking your hotels, flights and other services provided by any third parties.

1.2 com is not a travel agency, operator or the contractual party for the customers. We don’t sell tickets, but we offer a technical platform, portal for you to find suitable options for your trip. By making a booking on the booking provider’s website, users agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of that individual booker.

1.3 Once a booking and payment methods are confirmed on the website of the actual booking provider, actual contractual relationship agreement is between a customer and a hotel/vendor/provider etc. No contract is concluded between the user and Trevento.com

1.4 Trevento is no contractual party, all and any claims of the user under the hotel reservation/flight booking/other confirmed bookings are to be asserted against the third party and not against Trevento.

2.0 The user guarantees not to use the Trevento.com services to create content that:
– is advertising disguised as reviews
– does not have specific content for a reviewed item
– is not objective or intentionally untrue
– immoral, pornographic or in any other way offensive
– infringes upon the rights of third parties or Trevento.com publications, in particular copyrights
– violates applicable laws in any way or constitutes a criminal offense
– contains viruses or other computer programs that may damage software or hardware or that may affect the use of computers and Trevento.com portal and website
– is a survey or a chain letter
– is aimed at collecting or using personal data from other users, especially for commercial purposes

3.0 Trevento.com is not liable for the accuracy, quality, completeness, reliability or credibility of content provided by users and/or booking sites and providers. In particular, there is no advice or information from Trevento.com regarding the selection of accommodations/flights and their terms.

4.0 Trevento.com does not act as organiser or travel agency at any time. The terms and conditions of the respective organizer or travel agency apply exclusively, especially regarding the right to cancel and to withdraw. The contact for the processing of bookings and payments, as well as questions about the contract, is the respective contracting the actual booker/provider. Trevento.com remains uninvolved in such contractual arrangements, agreements and claims between the user and the respective external contracting booker and provider.

5.0 Trevento.com does cannot verify the accuracy of content uploaded by booking/provider and hotel etc. sites. This content is provided by third party providers for publication on our website with reference to the respective services. Trevento.com has no influence on this information.

5.1 In a case that a user finds some inaccurate information on our portal and search results, please inform us via our contact form and we will forward the information to whom it may concerns. Most of all, contact directly to the third party booker/provider, who’s information wasn’t accurate.

6.0 For technical reasons, no updating of the prices we receive from booking sites are done in real time. Therefore it is possible that the price that appears on the booking site does not correspond to the price specified on the Trevento.com sites and search results. Trevento.com does not guarantee the accuracy of information, in particular prices and availability.

7.0 Trevento.com is not liable for technical and/or connection malfunctions for which the cause is not within trevento.com sphere of responsibility or for damages caused by force majeure. Trevento.com does not guarantee uninterrupted availability of data and may perform technical maintenance during a freely chosen time periods.

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