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San Sivino, Lago di Garda

Aparthotel San Sivino is TOP Destination for the family holidays! It is located on the west coast of Lago di Garda, in the village of Manerba del Garda. Here you can see the full list of facilities, amenities and current rates with availability on Trevento, click here.

Location is away from traffic, and surrounding is quiet and country-side like with overlooking the Sirmione Peninsula. Lago di Garda’s main tourist areas such as Sirmione and Peschiera del Garda are in the reachable distance by car, taxi, and by ferry.

  1. Sirmione
  2. Peschiera del Garda
  3. Amusement/theme park Gardaland

Thus many guests arrive with their own car or with a rental car, transfers to Sirmione and Peschiera del Garda are relatively easy and cheap. From the hotel, just a 5min car/taxi drive to the Port of Dusano. With the same ferry, you may go to Sirmione and Peschiera del Garda.

Aparthotel San Sivino is TOP Destination for the family holidays! It is located on the west coast of Lago di Garda, in the village of Manerba del Garda. Here you can the full list of facilities, amenities and current rates with availability on Trevento, click here.

Aparthotel San Sivino has 2 hectares of Mediterranean gardens and is a perfect get-away place for families with children. Close to all kinds of activities, shopping and attractions in Lago di Garda, yet far enough away to get peaceful days at the pool with the whole family.

San Sivino Apart Hotel. Photo by Trevento.

The resort has a large pool area with 5 pools, including a children’s pool, and 5 jacuzzis. Access to the lake with SUP board and kayaking rentals. Lakeside minigolf course, tennis, table tennis, mini-golf, children playground, and bicycle rental. There is so much to do in San Sivino. The Aparthotel San Sivino is suitable for each type of travelers but especially families with various ages of children.

All apartments overlook both the lake and the gardens. Apartments are modernly furnished with all necessary mod cons for a relaxing holiday: from secure covered parking to free wi-fi connection; from dishwashers to air-conditioning. The choice is yours: organize something different every day or just relax in the sun and enjoy the on-site facilities. The restaurant operates from breakfast time until late evenings, and the garden includes a free of charge BBQ area, where it is possible to prepare your dinners.

Aparthotel San Sivino is owned by the Immotel S.r.l. and they have another wonderful hotel, La Villa Fasano in Gardone Riviera. It is located little further to the north but on the same side of the coast of Lago di Garda. Read more, see the rates and availability by clicking here…

The best pool area in Lago di Garda

Besides large garden areas and various activities, the pool area is the key element for the well being of the guests: several pools, small slides, hot tubs, and children’s pool.

San Sivino pool area. Photo by Trevento

Pools are well cleaned and maintained and are safe for the youngest ones in families. In San Sivino there is enough space to get a good feeling at the pool area, usually not too crowded even the resort itself is really popular. One reason is that most of the guests have arrived with their own cars or rental cars. This allows you to discover the whole surrounding and the whole Lago di Garda area.

Activities and attractions

Trevento Blog Lago di Garda San Sivino Aparthotel
San Sivino tennis court. Photo by Trevento

In San Sivino Aparthotel, and actually more suitable term would be a resort, has various options for activities. There is a bicycle rental, tennis court, table tennis, lakeside mini golf, children’s playground, SUP boards, and kayaks. For SUP boarding and kayaking there is direct access to Lago di Garda.

The front-side beach is not the best for the youngest children, because it is not a white sand beach. The beach is a bit rocky but still suitable for the whole family under parental control. While being at the beach, we recommend wearing some kind of beach shoes.

Cycling in Lago di Garda

Trevento Blog Aparthotel San Sivino Lago di Garda
Via Seselle. Photo by Trevento

Cycling in Lago di Garda, in general, is really popular. Roads are well maintained, but in the most popular areas quite crowded. In Lago di Garda the cycling culture is were a pedestrian, cars, and cyclists work together, not against each other:)

Some of the top professional cycling teams are practicing on the roads of Lago di Garda, and also many cycling enthusiasts are making trips to Garda area.

As mentioned, Aparthotel San Sivino is located away from the traffic, so making a cycling trip is a good option for the adults, or visiting in the nearby village of Manerba del Garda or even going shopping to Lidl. See the best route from San Sivino to Lidl here. Even the roads are relatively quiet, they are yet too narrow for the children!

Trevento Blog Gardaland Lago di Garda
Gardaland. Photo by Trevento

In general, the Grand Jewel for the families is amusement and theme park Gardaland. Gardaland is one of the biggest and best parks in Europe and is just 5 min drive away from the Peschiera del Garda. Gardaland features over 30 rides, including seven roller coasters, three water rides, four dark rides, and three-flat thrill rides.

Gardaland is the “Disneyland” of Italy and the must place to visit in Lago di Garda! Read more about Gardaland from official Garland site or Skip-the-line tickets from Trevento site, and book your favorite accommodation. Book your Gardaland tickets in advance, and see our featured Gardaland hotels and resorts, click here.

Other possible destinations to combine with your holiday: surrounding villages, Caneva Water Park, Movieland, Gardaland SEA LIFE Aquarium, the cities of Verona, Venice, and Milan! Lago di Garda is much more than just a lake!

Kitchen, and local selection

Trevento Blog Manerba del Garda Lago di Garda San Sivino
Local selection, Manerba del Garda. Photo by Trevento

San Sivino is an aparthotel with fully equipped kitchen facilities. You may dine at the restaurant or prepare your own dinners at the apartment kitchen, or in the BBQ area. Aparthotel’s front desk and the restaurant does not serve any groceries, so all the groceries you have to buy from the local supermarkets.

The nearby village of Manerba del Garda has local restaurants and local small supermarkets with a various selection of local ingredients. If you prefer Lidl style, no problem – Lidl is located just in a few minutes car drive from the resort, and reachable distance even with a bicycle. See the best route from San Sivino to Lidl here.

More restaurants and shopping areas you find on the way from Manerba del Garda to Sirmione. The main restaurant and shopping areas are located in Peschiera del Garda, and Sirmione. Yet, the most popular spot to visit on Lago di Garda is the peninsula of Sirmione. It’s known for its thermal baths and Rocca Scaligera, a medieval castle overlooking the lake.

Best time to visit

Trevento Blog Sirmione Lago di Garda
Sirmione. Photo by Gianni Crestani, Pixapay.

The Garda area boasts all the characteristics of a “pre-alpine zero-thermal oasis”. It is a sub-Mediterranean climate, so mild and different from the other lakes that it can be defined as the “Benaco climate”. The average summer temperature varies between 24-30°C.

The best time to visit is from June to August, but good weather lasts till the end of September. Lago di Garda is most crowded on July-August, so we recommend to visit Lago di Garda late August-early September. In the last weeks in the summer season, you may find some rains, but usually, they don’t last more than a few hours.

How to get there and transfers from the airport?

In general, to get Lago di Garda and to the Aparthotel San Sivino, there are several options when arriving by plane. The best airports for the Lago di Garda area are Malpensa Airport (MXP), Bergamo airport (BGY) and Verona airport (VRN) which is the closest one.

To get available private airport taxi for your family, please follow the link Airport Transfers here or you may agree to a pickup from the airport with the Aparthotel San Sivino. They have their own shuttle services and additionally, transfers are also organized by a local taxi entrepreneur Speedy Taxi, and we highly recommend their services, reliable and on-time services.

Trevento Blog Peschiere del Garda Lago di Garda
Peschiera del Garda. Photo by Trevento

When choosing transfers from the airport in Airport Transfers, best to use airport codes (MXP/BGY/VRN) and as drop-off destination your chosen village/city (Manerba/Peschiera/Sirmione/Garda/Desenzano/Salo/Lasize/Riva del Garda etc.) or if you have accommodation in some of the Gardaland resorts, please mark you drop-off destination as Castelnuovo del Garda.

Lago di Garda is full of picturesque villages where you may go by ferry or by car. Ferries are operating throughout the whole summer season. From here you may check the ferry availability and timetables.

Choose Aparthotel San Sivino when you want to have a quality family holiday!

Overall experience in Aparthotel San Sivino is more than you can wish. While traveling with small children, it is essential that everything goes smoothly. In San Sivino everything works as it should, and the staff is excellent! Even at the end of the season, the staff is remarkably polite and friendly. It seems that the staff never runs out of energy and the sun is always shining in San Sivino!

Check the rates and availability for Aparthotel San Sivino on Trevento, click here.

We wish you pleasant times in Aparthotel San Sivino, and on the Lago di Garda!

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