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Santa Claus is from Finland

HAVE YOU HEARD THAT IN FINLAND…There is nothing but snow and wild animals…Finns are crazy? All these urban claims and stories can be true but one thing is 100% sure -the Santa is from Finland!

Featuring: Republic of Santa Claus

In recent years, a number of well-known world stars have spent holidays in Finland, especially in northern parts of Finlands -Lapland. Well-knows stars such as Lionel Messi with his family, Kourtney Kardashian who celebrated her 40th birthday in Finland, Bollywood superstars Virat Kohli & Anushka Sharma, Jolie & Brad Pitt, The Beckhams, Shia LeBeouf, David Wenham, Madonna, and many others…

And now Finland is getting an even more trending spot!

Image by PR-Kuva/ROSC, Republic of Santa Claus

Many people say that Santa Claus is from Finland. Even though Santa’s village is located in Rovaniemi, there have been some doubts about the modern origin of Santa Claus. But now when there is under planning and development the Republic of Santa Claus, we can stop wondering -there is no doubt that Santa Claus is from Finland!

The Republic of Santa Claus is about to make crazy Finnish ideas into a reality. The Republic of Santa Claus will be located just above the Arctic Circle with a strong focus on sustainability.

According to their visions, the republic will be a land where children’s voices are heard, and where adults can be children again.

This is one of those crazy ideas which are so crazy that it can succeed and you wish it would do so!

Theme park of 10 000 hectare area will include three different theme areas; Original Christmas, Health & Wellness, and the Snowglobe.

Original Christmas theme will have gingerbread buildings and top quality Christmas hotel where visitors can find the ultimate holiday experience and enjoy a traditional Christmas with a twist of many cultures.

Health & Wellness is a place where you may enjoy the wonder of silence and peacefulness with a magical self-treatment experience among the most stunning nature. A spa hotel with an endless selection of yoga classes, massages, body, and skincare treatments and therapies.

The Snowglobe like no other!

Image by PR-Kuva/ROSC, Republic of Santa Claus

Have you ever followed the television series called Under the Dome based on the novel by Stephen King? Now a dome in large scale will be real, but the approach is different than in the TV series. When TV series offered nothing but drama and sadness, this dome -The Snowglobe will be the place of happiness, enjoyments and full of wonders!

Snowflakes and Christmas

Do you remember those small class balls filled with snowflakes and Christmas? The Snowglobe will be a window into childhood.  This transparent dome will cover hundreds of iconic small townhouses, unique restaurants, and hotel rooms.

All-year artificial snowfall and northern lights will make this place like no other! Imagination is the only limit!

The founder Mr. Ari Siitari

The father of all this is an entrepreneur Mr. Ari Siitari who got the idea over 30 years ago. The idea was and is so crazy that many people want to see this to happen. The Republic of Santa Claus will also be a non-smoking and car-free environment. In the end, Mr. Siitari states that over the years the goal is to get 10 million international tourist visits more to Finland annually, directly or related to the republic.

In Finnish newspaper Iltalehti Mr. Siitari stated that The Rebuplic of Santa Claus is a republic where everyone is equal, regardless of race, birthplace, conviction, wealth, disability or any other such circumstance.

There is no space for politics nor religion in the Republic of Santa Claus.

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