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Drones and flight compensation

Constantly crowing amounts of air traffic by drones are making gray hair to airport traffic control. FAA’s regulations say that in general, drone operators should avoid all flying near airports because the drones are very difficult to detect and avoid a drone while flying. See also European drone regulations from EU Drone Rules.

Drone operators are responsible for any and all safety hazards their drone creates in an airport environment.

Yet, in recent years most of the air traffic disruptions caused by the drones have been not intentional. Unfortunately, too many new drone operators are so-called Dads with Drones and they are operating their first minutes and hours with their drones – without knowing all necessary regulations!

Correctly used drones open a whole new world to experience your way to record your trips. Always if you have an option to take a drone with you, please do and catch some of the best images of your lifetime, but please do mind all the regulations and areas where you cannot fly with your drones. Each destination and countries have their own rules for drones, so be aware of these and by contacting some local offices, or tourist bureaus you will get all needed and correct information.


A drone activity caused your flight delay or cancellation. Are you titled to get compensation?

Sorry to inform, NO! Drone activity nearby the airport is not controlled by the airport or air traffic control. Therefore any airport or airline is not responsible to compensate for any delays or cancellations.

This involves all kind of drone activity, it does not matter if the activity is made by the police or caused by some other drone operator, for example, Dads with drones. In cases where the conditions weren’t that clear, you should check are you titled for flight compensation.

Did you know that it is free of charge to claim your flights?

Around half a million flights are delayed or canceled in a month, but only a small part of affected air passengers are aware that they are entitled to compensation for the flight, or they think that there’s no reason to claim with an extra cost.

If your flight was delayed, canceled, overbooked or you experienced denied boarding, you should claim your flight always. A flying customer has a lot of passenger rights! Too few air passengers know about these rights. Please read more about passenger rights and how to claim from our Flight Compensation page, click here…

Remember that the claiming process of your flight is free of charge!

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