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The best time to book a hotel

Many times we are wondering, should we book a hotel 3 months before the trip or wait until the last minutes. How do you know when it is the best time to book a hotel? Actually, there is no such thing as to book at the wrong time, there are so many variants.

Despite all hotel room price trends and advices in this blog text, like in any blog text…the most important factors for yourself are:

  • with whom you are traveling, can you risk the best room option and location for your companion when you are seeking the best rates?
  • if you are a solo traveler, go for the rates, it’s fun!
  • families with children, don’t risk your holiday! Few dollars or euros savings in the room price are not worth it.
  • families with children, just make it safe…book as early as you feel!

Travelers are losing money by booking too early

Common saying Book early is the most secure way to ensure an effortless arrival to the destination and is highly recommended for families and honeymooners. But travelers, in general, are losing money by booking too early. They are missing out themselves from special hotel offers, discounts, and campaigns when hoteliers try to fill up their last rooms.

When trying to maximize the savings, you may find the lowest rates 1-3 days before your stay, even within 24 hours. Overall the best value considered the room and hotel options together with price rates, is to book your accommodations 7-13 days before your stay.

Create your own priority list!

The best way is first to create your own priority list, what are the most valuable things when you are choosing your hotel with possible discounts? Make a list even if in the end it will be a last-minute booking. Is your priority a price, guest rating, locations, breakfast included…

Search your hotel and accommodation options, write down the current rates, availability and other essential information on your priority list. If you started to search, for example, 30 days before your actual trip, check the rates and availability again after few days.

You may notice a pattern of what type of hotels and room types are selling out. Based on this you should review your priority list, the rates, and availability which you marked down earlier. Then you have to do the hard part, a decision should I book now or still wait?

When searching on the Agomondo hotel search, you may filter your results by adding Discounts filter. It will show the best current discounts available.

Hotel rates are like a stock market

Demand and supply, that’s the name of the game! In average hotel room demand, and rates are highest in a month, 25-30 days before the stay, since most of the rooms are booked within this period. If you are able to wait till 7-13 days out before your stay, or even longer, you will possibly get lower rates. Most likely you may not have the same hotel and room types available which you originally wished. If you are a solo or a business traveler, why not to try to maximize the lowest rates. Calculated risk usually works, sometimes not.


When to book early?

A dad or a mother cannot risk their family well being, just to aim for the lowest rates as possible. The most significant value for the families in their holidays isn’t the price but the overall planning and arrangements which are made in advance. The same values are essentials for honeymooners and married couples.

Can you imagine a situation where a fiancé/ fiancée says “Sorry, we don’t have a room! (or lower standard than you and she/he agreed)… I didn’t book a room on time, because I wanted to save a few bucks”?Advice: Please, don’t try this at home:) If you are a family traveler with kids, honeymooner or wedding couple. Don’t wait, just book early and relax!

If you’re about to visit destinations which are nearby popular theme parks. Nearby hotels will be sold out for the high season. So, therefore always make sure that your accommodation is booked and ready, before purchasing your theme park tickets. Usually, theme park tickets are non-refundable.

When you are discovering new and relatively small destinations for your stay, and there are not so many options to choose from. If you haven’t booked your room early, you might end up in a situation that there are no ANY available accommodations available.

In city destinations there might be some bigger events going on during your stays such as big concerts or exhibitions, sports or motorsports events, so be aware and check the local event calendars. In the bigger cities, you don’t run out of hotel or room options, but you have to pay much higher rates. When the demand for the rooms is high, the rates will be high also.

If you are a family traveler with kids, honeymooner or wedding couple. Don’t wait, just book early and relax!

Do not jeopardize the well being of others!

Thus when seeking the absolute rates and spent money for a hotel, do not jeopardize the well being of others, an angry travel partner/s are not worth it!

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