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Barack Obama: Why travel matters

On April 2019 former US President Barack Obama visited the World Travel & Tourism Council global summit in Seville, Spain, and BBC Travel managed to make Q&A for him.

In the interview in remarkable to see that former US president feels quite humble about traveling and enjoys the same things as a common average traveler. Travel for Barack Obama is an exploring journey into yourself, surroundings, and he enjoys to travel with his children.

He also mentions as the most memorizable destination Russia, Spain, Kenya, Italy, and Ghana. Kenya is understandable since his background is Kenyan. About visiting Russia he says “Some of them have been spectacular – like us walking through the Kremlin when I was president and Sasha (his youngest daughter) was about seven years old and she had, like, a trench coat on so she looked like an international spy.” With the same presidential tour, Barack Obama and his family visited the Vatican in Rome and Ghana.

Cape Coast Castle in Ghana (Credit: Saul Loeb/Getty Images)

Mr. Obama used to make several official presidential visits with his children. It must be exciting travels for children when your father is one of the most powerful men in the world. Mr. Obama mentions how interesting it is to see how 10 and 7 years old are able to experience the world.

There is something unique being a young traveler.

Barack Obama memorizes his travels in his mid-20’s. His first trip was a time for self-discovering. Trips are memorable because they’re part of you as a young person trying to discover what your place in the world is. First, he came to Europe, and he had never traveled through Europe before. He was traveling alone, and in Europe, he would buy a baguette and some cheese and eat that every day. Some wine occasionally.

Travel is not just about being on holiday. Traveling opens your eyes, gives you the possibility to learn, not only about yourself but about new cultures, new people, and to respect others and other cultures. While traveling you can drop-off all politics and you will see that we people are not so different -wherever we travel.

Barack Obama also mentions that the new generations are more sophisticated, more worldly, more cosmopolitan, more appreciative of other cultures.

You may read the whole article on BBC Travel by clicking here…

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